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About us

Txhomenow helps homebuyers make their Texas home dreams come true. If you’re getting ready to purchase a home in Texas, you have probably had a bit of sticker shock. Texas housing markets are some of the strongest in the country, and they just keep getting stronger. This means home prices are climbing with no end in sight, especially near major cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The median house price in Dallas County is about $249,000. While that cost varies depending on which county you choose to live in, it’s getting more difficult to find a decent house for less than $200,000 near any of the larger Texas cities.

What does that mean for today’s homebuyers? Big down payments. If you manage to find a home for $200,000, you’ll need to put down a payment of $40,000 to purchase it. How many Texans have $40,000 in their bank accounts? Not many. The high cost of down payments prevents many families from owning their own home. At Txhomenow, we don’t think that’s right, so we’ve created a program to help people lower their down payment expense.

What We Do

Most Texans don’t realize that there are millions of dollars in assistance just waiting for someone to come and claim them. The state and federal government offer many programs that either allow homebuyers to make a much lower down payment or which pay part of the down payment for the homebuyer. When we realized that people needed someone to connect them to these programs, we decided that we would step in and become the solution. 

We start by determining your eligibility. There are a few requirements you must meet in order to enroll in our program, but they are the same requirements most state or federal down payment assistance programs have. Think of us as a pre-screening service. If you are eligible to work with us, you’ll be eligible to work with many of the down payment assistance programs out there.

Once we have your information and have found it to be accurate, we help you enlist in every down payment assistance program you qualify for. This can drastically reduce your upfront costs when purchasing a home.

Who We Help

Txhomenow helps individuals and families who work hard and make good choices, but who don’t have a bank balance large enough to cover a traditional 20% down payment. It can be so discouraging to go to work every day and pay all your bills on time, only to have a financial setback wipe out your savings.

We also help people whose credit scores aren’t high enough to qualify for a traditional mortgage. While most lenders want you to have a score between 680 and 800, Txhomenow only requires a credit score of 580 or above. This is the same credit score the FHA requires to qualify you for a 3.5% down payment.

About Our Program

We have no small print, no hidden costs, and no hidden fees. You do not have to commit to meetings with a financial planner or a credit counselor. All you have to do is call to speak with a specialist, provide them with accurate information, and receive our pre-approval decision within 48 hours.

 To qualify for the Txhomenow, you must:

  • Be employed and show proof of employment
  • Make less than $96,000 a year
  • Have a credit score of 580+
  • Agree to attend an online homebuyer’s education course

Speak with a down payment assistance specialist for a full list of our program requirements.

We Go Above and Beyond

If you don’t qualify for assistance today, you might be able to qualify sooner than you think. Our down payment assistance specialists will provide suggestions for improving your credit. Some homebuyers don’t qualify on their first try, but we won’t turn you away. We can help you repair and rebuild your credit so that you can become a homeowner as soon as possible.

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